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LANCE JAMES & Friends is the brainchild of close friend and companion Eunice M Wait. Lance needs no introduction to country singing, with 60 plus years of flawless performances running in tandem with gold records, local and international awards. He understands love and admiration and shares it with his fans and a treasured doyan of the paparazzi. This book is a tribute to the people who made him famous, his friends and fans who supported him  and helped him on the climb to the top of his game.


It is a story of double-dealing mining corruption, where an opposing mining conglomerate is on a ruthless mission to control and, if necessary, destroy their opposition. This leads to a terrifying web of bizarre ongoing pandemonium that involves assassination, gold bullion heists, and international drug syndicates under the guise of touring magicians. This lethal, somewhat humorous family spearheads the high-speed action and never-ending mayhem throughout the story, concluding with a double-dealing rip-off by entrepreneurial Somali pirates raising finance for their cause.

 Is a fictional fast-moving humorous adult story based on the premise that there is no such thing as coincidence—whatever happens in life is ultimately meant to be. It addresses dramatic events, at times horrific, that take place when cross sections of people from different walks of life become entwined in a net of circumstance and chaos This culminates in a web of intrigue played out against an expeditious backdrop of romance, violence, incest, and murder. The protagonists are a sordid, interbred trailer park family that ruthlessly blazes a trail of cold-blooded havoc across an arid and hostile mineral-rich desert region that is plagued by incessant sandstorms and is home to a population of lethal Egyptian cobras.

Some Wild Things is dramatic, fast, and funny, with a sprinkling of brutal insanity that endorses once again the premise that there is no such thing as coincidence. Think Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and Two Smoking Barrels and you’ve got Some Wild Things.

John Corbett (CEO) : ‘The many thought – provoking desperate personalities (among others) a violent dysfunctional interbred family, a brilliant geologist, a dedicated vet, a ruthless Mafia Don as well as high-level police and law enforcement officers, The seismic events take place in a vast, relentless desert region and include not only opposing mining operations, the trafficking of Cocaine involving school children as unsuspecting drug-mules as well as a monumental gold heist, but also an interesting variety of wildlife from lovable desert geckos to deadly cobra’s and beautiful wild feral desert horses. It’s fast moving adult escapism, Par Excellence’The plot, perhaps surprisingly includes romance and certainly not surprisingly, even brutal murder. In his denouement, how Bill Jones brings together all these diverse personalities and equally diverse events is truly extraordinary. In fact, it’s a masterpiece!’


 A fast moving adult action thriller with loads of satirical humor, tells of glitz and glamor which involves a psychopath preying on beautiful models. Homicide Detectives Keeley Harrington and Barney Corvette are troubled keepers of the peace, following the trail of senseless murder and mayhem that is grotesquely exhibited around the city and wetlands. The tropical state of Porta Bella is ‘Bling,’ where nubile ‘wannabee’s kick start their career against the visual bliss of the coral-beached mecca of television and fashion shoots. Gainesville City provides international tourists and commercial traffic a backdrop of thousands of kilometers of dangerous, inaccessible alligator infested wetlands.

Keeley Harrington takes exception to the commissioning of an international profiler Victoria Ambrose, and resigns. Now unarmed, unwittingly placing her on the shopping list of a mass murderer.Who is the killing machine, and how does he access a harvest of beautiful women….strangely, keeping more of his collection alive than dead….so, where does he keep his butterflies?

A gripping and disturbing trip through the mind of a demented predator – a mix of madness, unexpected adult humor, confusion, and evil. –You’d be advised to turn on your alarm!

So If You Can’t Breathe………..You Might Be Hemmed In!


 An adult drama set in war-ravaged Latino country on the Pacific coastline. President Pedro Martinique’s forces and contracted mercenaries are being pushed south by the Sanchez Freedom Fighters and heavy Cuban Military support.Humph Humphries and Matt Henderson, childhood friends and professional mercenaries are ‘blood money’ bank robbers resulting in Matt being court marshaled for a crime he did not commit. He is forced to walk to freedom, through uninhabited mountain territory. Despite being badly mauled by a pride of lions, he is rescued by a priest and later returns to his parent’s farm in Concessionarra to find his family slaughtered and the farm in ashes.Along the magnificent coastline, a clandestine network of wealthy, drug-addicted women cotton on to the movement of eight ruthless killers who unleash their true power and greed on the sleepy but lucrative local financial institutions of Vila Salazar. Unbeknown to Humphries, he has his gorgeous cocaine addict daughter living with him. She overhears his plans and engineers an ingenious double revenge to outwit her father.

Things go wrong during a wild party, Donnas’ lover, Cynthia French, finds her with another woman, a fight ensues and Donna to escape, charters a boat the ‘Sea Dog’, at the height of a massive tropical storm, with a disastrous outcome.Matt unwittingly discovers an unconscious and badly injured body on the beach. He nurses her, realizing she is Humph’s daughter; and together they plan his demise. Local Police Chief Marty Chance and assistant Dan Chapman are in the fast lane, with some brilliant tactical detective work.

This nail-biting drama is loaded with satirical humor, twisting and turning, culminating in a thrilling climax of suspense and vivid action. A ‘rollercoaster’ ride of greed, decadence, deceit and death leaves you gasping for breath…. and there is nowhere to hide!

A riveting true story based on the life of a man whose constant anguish and debilitating humiliation led to his crippling demise and inability to function within the confines of his social family unit. This lasted decades, leaving an intelligent young man faltering but still giving him the strength and tenacity to ‘beat all odds.’ He was declared clinically dead from the abuse of Thai White and Heroin. This culminated into a life of rehabs and horrific prison experiences. He fought a modern day civil war, facing death on a daily basis. He takes you the reader, on a mind-blowing journey of futility and hope in his quest to realize that he was good, and against all the odds added value to other desperate people’s lives, making everything worth fighting for. Eventually life granted him the experience to motivate and to help people, who had ‘reached the edge’.


Whisks you through the daunting, extremely funny, yet poignant life of legend ‘Big Daddy’ Lance James the celebrated entertainer. A fast moving dramatized biography that tells the story of the life and times of this country singer.It gets up close and personal to an incredibly private, humorous and passion driven entertainer, who is no stranger to tragedy.  It’s a roller coaster of high-speed chases at Le Mans, blizzards in the Alps, venomous snakes in the audience, exotic contracts in London and Spain. It’s romantic, funny, loaded with pathos and allows you the reader to take a peep at…. his life….his career….his loves….his cries and his whispers. It’s an insight into the heart and soul of the man…. that nobody has ever seen!

It’s international paparazzi material at its best!


Sparks fly up from campfires, and Nature in the veld spins its own mystery as Jeanrenaud and friends tell exciting tales of people and wildlife encounters, and of hair-raising escapes from hungry crocodiles, angry ostriches and charging rhinos.  Rickshaws in Durban and camels in the Sahara present humorous roller-coaster rides and Africa’s rich and ancient heritage is present, too, as dreamy ghosts flit through some stories of the past.  Under the dark velvet of night, no star shines brighter than Jeanrenaud’s love for her Continent and native country.  From seashore to savannah, from desert floor to mountain top, her stories weave an emotional spell of the Thrill of Africa to enthrall adults and children alike.


What if…an island in the Irish Sea nestling under the protection of the misty cloak of Manannan, was hosting the world’s most dangerous annual racing event?

What if…the amicable and unsuspecting people of the island became the focus of the worlds biggest international bank heist?

What if…they were the innocent prey of passive opportunists,who master mind an invasion to hold the island hostage without firing a shot?

What if… all the powers of the world were unable to assist & helpless ?

What if… they held 120,000 Islanders and visitors hostage?

What if…it was the Isle of Man Super bike TT Race?

What if …you weren’t dreaming?

What if…the Ferry Goes There?