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TAGLINE : So If You Can’t Breathe………..You Might Be Hemmed In! 


The tropical state of Porta Bella where nubile ‘wannabee’s kick start their careers is set against the visual bliss of the coral-beached mecca of television and fashion shoots.

Gainesville City tells of glitz and glamour that involves a cluster of psychopath’s preying on beautiful models. Two local homicide detectives are troubled keepers of the peace, following the trail of senseless murder and mayhem that is grotesquely exhibited around the city and wetlands. An international profiler is commissioned to stem the blood-lust when one of the detectives on the case takes exception to her unexpected commissioning and immediately resigns from the force. Now alone and unarmed, her resignation unwittingly places her on the shopping list of a mass murderer.

Who is the killing machine, and how does he access a harvest of beautiful women….strangely, keeping more of his collection alive than dead….so, where does he keep his butterflies?


TAGLINE :A romantic comedy of a singer, who vehemently rejects his medically presumed destiny as to never being able to walk again. His tenacity beats all


A true story based on the humorous bittersweet life of a talented singer. Born into a poor but solid family unit, his early years were driven by his determination to be ‘the best on the block’. He was a natural ‘Busker’ with a unique sense of humour that kept him way ahead of his peers. This romantic and comical slice of life drama takes a vivid poignant look at the heart breaking life of a young singer, who vehemently rejects his medically presumed destiny of never being able to walk again. His rise to fame starts as a nightclub singer playing in more than dubious ‘Dine a Dance’ venues, with a constant backdrop of musicians and ‘off the wall’ creative folk. Lady luck pays him a call and as a hired help saves the lives of 15 students in a bus accident, on the mountain pass. Now a hero and because of his tenacity and extraordinary talent, he is noticed and head hunted by a leading radio station. His fame had arrived, life was easier and it culminated in a starry-eyed meeting at a bus stop in the city. He meets the love of his life, a stunning fashion model and business entrepreneur immensely committed to the preservation of the worlds Gorilla Primates. Weeks later they marry and spiral into euphoria, but his beautiful wife holds a spine chilling secret, that she does not divulge to him, until it is too late!


TAGLINE: A Dominatrix, a Russian Spy, a British Politician and a dead Nun are the lethal cocktail of excitement and shocking murders on the Isle of Man.


The Roar from the Mist is an adult spy thriller loaded with cold blooded murder! It takes a frightening look at the world of fake news, lies, deceit and double dealing. The story is set against the backdrop of the TT Superbike race on The Isle of Man, where the people of the island lay prey to a horrifying lethal chemical nerve gas. A beautiful dominatrix services the needs of the Governmental hierarchy, to bolster the coffers of her global call girl institution. It unfolds when Scotland Yard investigates the murder of a Nun who died under mysterious circumstances. Soon their investigation leads to the presence of random, but lethal Novichok nerve gas attacks that are traced back to a secluded farmhouse on the Isle of Man.  A Russian spy selects the dubious entrepreneur of the annual TT Super Bike Race as his victim. Who, unknown to Russian Intelligence is also under surveillance by Scotland Yard! Both forces in tandem reach a shocking finale when a shadowy unexpected character enters the fray and lays claim to the unlawful contents of the booty lockers.   


TAGLINE : Eight Mercenaries Four Women,$150 million and Mayhem.


THE BODY ON THE BEACH   a fast moving adult drama set in a war ravaged Latino country on the Pacific coastline. Two childhood friends and later professional mercenaries have become ‘blood money’ bank robbers, resulting in one of them being court marshaled for rape and murder a crime he did not commit. Bizarre circumstances spare him from ‘death by firing squad’ and he is forced to walk 300 km through uninhabited torturous mountains to find his freedom. Mauled by a pride of lions, he is saved by a priest and later returns to his parent’s farm to find his family dead and the farm in ashes. A clandestine astute network of wealthy, drug infested women cotton on to the modus operandi of the eight ruthless killers who have unleashed their professional fire power and greed of the local banks. The cocaine addicted daughter of the protagonist, engineers an ingenious revenge to outwit her father… but things go wrong during a wild cocaine party, a fight ensues and the daughter charters a boat at the height of a tropical storm, with disastrous consequences.  The body of a woman is found on the beach by a mentally challenged gardener and the homicide police chief initiates some ingenious police work that twists and turns into a thrilling unexpected climax.


TAGLINE : A Geologist, an Egypt Cobra and Redneck killers save the ecology of a desert from greedy mining exploration.

This is a fictional fast- moving, humorous story based on the premise that whatever happens in life is ultimately meant to be. It addresses dramatic events that take place when cross sections of people from different walks of life become entwined in a net of circumstance and chaos, beyond their control.  This culminates in a web of pacey intrigue played out against an expeditious backdrop of romance, violence, and murder. The protagonists are a sordid, interbred red neck family that ruthlessly blazes a trail of cold blooded havoc across an arid and hostile mineral rich desert region.  Plagued by incessant sand storms and is home to a population of lethal Egyptian cobras.  It is a story of double dealing mining corruption, where an opposing mining conglomerate is on a mission to control and if necessary destroy their opposition in their incessant greed to succeed.  This leads to a terrifying web of bizarre ongoing pandemonium, involving assassinations, international cash heists and the highly lucrative exportation of human body parts. This lethal, humorous family spearheads the high-speed action and never ending mayhem throughout the story, concluding with a double dealing geologist and his Egyptian cobra com padre Mr Minkwater


TAGLINE : The soul of a murdered detective must find Death’s door…before God finds out!


A satirical thriller set in Purgatory where the souls of the departed are dispatched to either Heaven or Hell. When DeATH shows himself to these traumatized souls, he ushers them through his DOOR – DeATH’s DOOR. When it goes missing the morning after his appearance on a TV Talk Show, (a first for Purgatory to educate the newly arrived  souls on the working before they are sent to their final destinations) he must find it poste haste as his Death List is getting longer and longer. To help him recover it, he bribes the soul of a murdered detective to help with his search; the recovery must be completed before God has a chance to find out.  Fortunately for DeATH, God is spending most of his time playing golf and he has left the administration of Purgatory – now renamed Midway –  to the Exalted Council. During the detective’s search – in a place he has no knowledge of  – he encounters a legion of memorable characters, both heavenly and hellish. From an assortment of souls from a kamikaze pilot to Abel’s brother Cain, to angels,  demons and their demonic animals. He takes it all in his stride, when he encounters an alcoholic angel, the Angel of Death, the Shadow of Death, and even the smarmy Devil and  God. When the detective uncovers a chilling conspiracy to defraud Heaven of its soul quota it is the beginning of his roller coaster ride of intrigue, kidnapping, meeting the Exalted Council , unmasking the conspirators and becoming God’s caddie.


TAGLINE : His screams for help unheard, the hunter becomes the hunted, an assassin playing God needs big money for a big habit.


This is a fast moving adult story based on the life of a professional military sniper and Thai White drug addict. A young intellectual man with an appealing personality who had the world at his feet. A debilitating drug habit that he acquired while serving in the Special Task Forces brought tumultuous disadvantages into his life. With his gradual slide into the oblivion of the Twilight World, he was constantly enveloped by emotional conflict and anti-social behaviour. Sadly, he succumbed to his lust for power and financial gain, by disgracing his renowned reputation as a fearless professional sniper. His proficiency coupled with the beast that was controlling him led to his crippling demise and inability to function within the confines of social interaction. The love hate relationship between his drug habit and his conscience left him isolated, and alone faltering many times eventually; suffocating in self pity as he finally succumbed to the devil that had stalked him for so long.  What started out as a mission to prove to himself and his dysfunctional mind that he could be successful at anything he wanted, culminated, in an unhealthy lust for money and power that he conceived through the telescopic sights of his rifle…He had the power of God as he pulled the trigger.   His life had become a two way street, mixing with shocking and bizarre people in the world of drugs and the pressure of financing a big habit.  He fought modern day civil wars, facing death on a daily basis, whilst being groomed as a revered military sniper. He was at the top of his wave when one day it all went wrong.  


TAGLINE :The murder of a young Twin Boy leads to a factory of spine chilling horror


A close friend of the family, an internationally acclaimed Harvard Professor and traditional African witch doctor, whose mother was the second victim of the attack back in South Africa offers his services in the search for the missing boy.  He  evokes the spirits of his ancestral shades to ascertain the missing son’s situation under hypnosis. With his more distant spirits providing the other son with the insight and ability in real time, to describe the shocking situation his identical twin brother is in. While across town an alcoholic ‘down on his luck’ life insurance representative and an unemployed detective plan to steal $9 Million from the deceased estate of a revered pediatrician. Alas, the water was deeper and more deceptive. The smart talking insurance man is double-crossed by the detective and a violent shootout occurs at the handover of the cash, which was en route to the abused children’s homes. Homicide detectives and SWAT teams assisted by the Professor and the distraught father of the murdered twin discover a derelict drug manufacturing factory and a grotesque chamber of horrors masterminded and run by an acid scarred matron who was harvesting and selling damaged children to human trafficking syndicates with her specialty being identical twins.    

June 1990: Two women are killed in a brutal hijacking in Johannesburg, South Africa. In a penthouse in New York a close friend of the family wakes up in a cold sweat after a terrifying premonition. On the other side of the globe the American Art dealer father unable to cope with the loss of his wife returns to New York with his ten-year old identical twins, One evening they discover one of the twins is missing.


TAGLINE : When the double-crossing world of advertising join forces with the deadly world of assassins, revenge is sweet.         


A fast moving thriller. An Italian father and son hired killers cross-swords with an advertising agency that has been commissioned to present a campaign for a fast food chain. Disaster strikes and the creative team are unfairly dismissed. The agency executive receives a mysterious down payment and a brief, that was meant for the hired assassins. They are instructed to kill a president of an African country. The ad team keeps the money and takes on the project. However, there are snags, the president is on the run from his political adversaries and for safety reasons decides to have plastic surgery and change his face. While the agency are planning the assassination the hit man’s son is trying to locate the president and common sense prevails. Is there a double-cross? Will the agency keep the money and not complete the job? Unknown to them, their every move has been monitored by an undercover cop, who originally initiated the meeting of both parties.


TAGLINE : Crazy ‘Off-the-dungeon-wall’ humor with a cast of certifiable friends from England back in 1465AD. Dungeon Royale. A Journey of No Return!     


A crazy ‘off‑the‑dungeon‑wall humor played out in England around 1465AD with a cast of weird and zany characters using dialogue, slang and phrases from the olde world to flash forwards into modern day English. The land is ruled by a physically challenged cruel, bi-polar despot King, who suffers from debilitating bad breath and sporadic flatulence. His major pleasure is having his subjects placed in the damp and moss overrun private cells of Dungeon Royale, a suite of uninhabitable prison cells situated beneath his ancestral castle. Because of his sudden outburst of vicious royal whims, triggered for no reason at all, his guests run the risk of a beheading before breakfast, a vicious ‘leg pulling’stretch on the rack, usually leading to a bout of the deadly Budgie’s nostril or terminal Gladiators Crotch. The King was a Tyrant who ruled his people with an iron fist, two short iron legs and an iron rocking horse, because of his fear of heights. The Thirteen dubious and mentally certifiable members of the cast take you on a 58 minute ‘romp’ of organized chaos.  A Journey of No Return!

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