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Los Angeles Press Release.

God created man as a free moral agent with the ability to reason, make decisions and exercise choices in life. All mortals are endowed with dormant creative abilities in one way or another, but without growth and stimulation it will not be evident and chances are will never come to the fore in their lifetime. The higher brain centers allow man to facilitate the interpretation and understanding of music. Life is ‘in tempo’ or it would not exist, a delicate equilibrium and synchronization exists throughout the universe and this finely tuned balance and rhythm is called ‘swing’ and it is everywhere – all around us. Even the earth has no free will – it is destined to spin in the tempo of the galaxy. It is a blueprint of all creation and is governed by the ‘universal metronome.’

Everyone experiences an emotion and that emotion triggers a reaction from the brain that within a millisecond can create or alter a mood with the power to influence the rest of the body in directing behavior, conduct and passion. 

Consider art and in particular music as the ultimate means of expression. When this process ‘swings’ it leads to enrichment and edification. The spirit of swing brings one closer to the divinity and in touch with the creator whilst giving you the opportunity of drawing off your personal interpretation.

Classical musicians are denied the privilege of self expression, their only goal is to play the movement as well as the master ,as close to the original as possible. They cannot embellish on the tempo or notation of the work, whereas a jazz musician when improvising faces the uncertainty and apprehension of the next chorus because he doesn’t know what he is going to play until he gets there.  What he does know is – it had better be good.

Seth Asch an accomplished musician and movie maker is the creator and master of MUSART. His unique art form pushes the envelope of personnel self expression by encompassing vivid images and emotive movement, utilizing the swing and self-expression of jazz as the vehicle. It involves all of the senses, allowing you the opportunity to paint your own canvas. You do not have to be a professional artist or musician to take the MUSART ride – if you have a soul get on board.

MUSART does not attempt to intellectualize its unique approach to visual art and jazz and does not alienate anyone even at the entry level of appreciation. Unlike Michael Angelo or Van Gogh or any other of the greats, albeit a 500 year old masterpiece, ultimately it presents you with a completed work, where MUSART creates and envelopes you with a template of vivid color and clever light and shade allowing you to craft your own visual and emotional ride, running in tandem with a jazz masterpiece.      

It is not news that jazz is by far the most creative platform for ever changing self expression and emotion. A well played ‘Waltz for Debbie’ from the all time Jazz Maestro Bill Evans will have you smiling, reminiscing, sighing and diving for a tissue at every chorus. – With the spontaneous, creative freedom and interpretation in jazz ‘Waltz for Debbie’ can also be played two or three times on the same session and each interpretation is different. 

One must remember what comes naturally for a jazz musician is often the work of a lifetime for other musicians.

MUSART swings, MUSART is warm mercury injected into your veins. MUSART wraps you up in a cool place, enabling you to disappear and spiral into a black hole through moods and sensations you never thought you had. MUSART makes you realize you are not part of anything – except being at one with the feel and articulation. A privileged soul granted that feeling – maybe only once in a lifetime.

MUSART is jazz – a legacy that inspires and motivates others.

Bill Jones.

 American Published Author.

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